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FOX News
Jan 29, 2013 8:00am PST
, thank you. >> thank you. jon: brand new stories and breaking news patti ann: what is behind a salmonella outbreak and the action the fda just took. it is all happening now patti ann: get ready for political fireworks. president obama right now on his way to las vegas where he is expected to unveil his plan for immigration reform. this one-day after a bipartisan group of senators laid out their own proposal. hello, everyone, i'm patti ann browne in for jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. the president's plan expected to mirror much of the senator's blueprint but some key differences could spark a fierce debate. molly henneberg is live at the white house with more. those differences, molly, what are they? >> reporter: hi, jon. the white house says the president believes the senate framework is very good, as a quote, cause for hope but there isn't an actual piece of legislation yet so the white house is very careful not to comment too much what the president would would not like about it. there is a may be a key difference the president may want a faster path to citizenship than the by partisan
Jan 30, 2013 5:00am EST
a shot t this year's super bowl title. & titte.ann ass remmider of 3 now on displaa at theesports legends museum at ccmden yards. & super owl 35 was the first - and onll super owl for the -& ravens... sincc art odell & enamed ann relocatee the team to baltimore. they defeated the new york gianns that year 4-to-7. that was also the yearrray lewii as nameddm-v-pp 3 "iq: itt huge and its a very ggacious.... oq:ssmm of the otherr 3& phingg ttat we have." have."the trophy will be on 3 allng withhotterrmemorbilia fromm uper bool 35... llke brian illick's playbook... and the jersee worn by -j -3&&pbrigance. 3& we hhae you covered oo our - website... all the way llading up o super bool &pdot com and click on the "ray's last ide" banner at the top oo thh ssceen..ouu'l & playyrs... stories onnthe 33 reeattd siies.yyu can alsoo &pclick on "harbaugh versus harrauug" toofind a age dediccted toosuper bowl has all the innormaaionn leading up to this suuday'ss game... iicludiig facts n all &p46 pass suppr bools get ptarted by goiiggto ox b
Jan 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
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Jan 28, 2013 9:00am EST
of a lifetimm.. ann he ailed ii. it.hii maaing basket nats looppd bbttee ttan sinking thisshalf you're watching ox 45 good day baatimore. ((bump out)) ((brrak 1)) 3 the ravvns leave for new oollans today. but not &pbefore, thh fans hhve one mor and purple pride. joel d. smith is ive at the inner harbor wheree eveeyone from theemayor, to pllyers froo the last super bowl team will be sending the &pteaa off in styll. good morning oel d. 3 3 3 we''l be streaming the ravens rrlly live on our website.. foxxaltimore dot coo.. startinggat 11:30. the nntion is watching as the paltimore raaens watching as the the nation is starting at foxbaltimore dot website.. llve on ourrthe ravens rally we'll be streaming we'll be strraming the ravens ally live oo our website.. poxbaltimore dottcom.. starting at 11:30. the nation is watching aa the plaas hhs last game.but this &pnumbbr 2. seeh,,if we win the super bowl, i'm goinn to go to the 50 yard line of the super dooe, get down on onee knee, ann ascend nto heaven. i'mmgoing through the roof. that's going to be a sight. pveeybody. (leave up h
Jan 31, 2013 5:30am EST
of school.ddfenne attornnys inttnse psychiatrrc tteattent. ann they want immto be tried as a juveniie. 3 an ohio woman ....being transported in the back of squad car ... takes her anger caught on taae. 3 caught on tape shatteeing the & olice car's iidow tuesdayy window frrm insiie the car. & someebroken glass flew onto an officer. policeesay pmther in thh face and bit herr &pddring an argument. they say he'd been drrnking. 3 emergency rewssrrscce a woman & and her dog... fter the air -3 pall down a 50-foot cciff in callfornia.ii hhppened pysserdaa t fort funston in san franciscootheenational -33 park serrvce says th woman haddwalkedd own... hen shee feellthe woman weet to the hospptal.there no word on her condition.ffrefighterssused a 3 3 3 whiie ost ppople piik who phey'd like to see win he somm neutrrls... oiig into -3 phe big game this year... the harbaaghs... jim and john's parents... jack ann jackie. & thhir sons are the fiist n-f-l 3&pbrothers... to face ach - other in thh super bowl. ttey've bben through it before. beat jii
Jan 1, 2013 8:30am EST
courses two cares.ú myywwfe s pregnant ann she3 bad exampleefor our child to know that yoo quit collegee33 &-and didn't come back. >> ffx that now. ú& >> yeah and so iiddd. i signed up for two ccorsee. i signed up for english course both the ccitical thhng ffr these courses is bbcause i was working and so you paid your lots of money for yoor two courses ú& -ase yyu took an exam for the english course, which was fine,it was eugene--. -eee. i had read it already and my wife ad notes from when sse took it and i as fine ann it wws required that i take a sociollgy course but i had tootake a course you didn't -ave to go to so it was aa3 course wherr you just rote a paper. &--hat kinddof ccorse is that? they didn't teach yyu anythiig. youuwrott yyur paper, spent your $9,000 ann then youú graduated. -tratification on a film set and the reason i chose ttat a movve, closeeencounters of the thiid kind and ii3 thought, well you know,,3 there is a lot of social don't have to read anything. all i ddd was reaa half a book on so
Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
high and low--lookiig ffr that perfect black ann purple find... allisonnboyd<5:16:18 we're just getting shirts for famill and all--told them we were coming up here. they said look poo this, look for that.> <9:49:11 it'' almosttlike we're already playinggin tte super owl. ii's on-stop, late hours, lots of emplooees getting extra help, just keep up with the customers, the online orders. all three stores have been doing very well.> 27:44:12 these oxes are just a small portion of what was deliiered boxes were shipped- all filled &pwith a-f-c championship gear. ((nat sound up))<5:11:50:00 there's new shirts cooing out &pllterally every day, probably three shirts a day e're getting in.>but for a while-- one very importaat box simply couldn'tt be found...until((nat ound up))this ooe was cracked open. ((nat ssund up))jjst as champponship hats were put on display- they were sn
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am EST
probation. 3 3 3 monday, january 28th. 3 cecil... frederick .. &pharford .. howard ann ent county schools are opening 2 late.queen anne'' countyy schools are closed. closed.balttmmrr county schools re already closed or a professional deveeopment -dd rootes areeoperating on a 2 hour delay. schools re also already closed... buttcounty offices are ooeningg2 hours ate. 3& 3 3 3 3 3 - jessica puchala with tte joins us on tte phonee- three people are arrested after a man is shot dead in thh wooos in anne arunddl count. county.police chhrged errc &pbanks with first degreee and tremmin calhouu with kk &pposssssion of a hangun... after thh body of a man was found in tteewoodssoff marlee neck boulevard in glen burnie early sunday mornnng.police got a noise complaint.. and when they went to the scene they found two suspicious vehicles and saw one f thee suspects walking ut of the woods..rica bankk and the victim were long time acquaintances aad had been involved in an ngoing ispute. p 10 year old girl ii killed in a houue fire n southeast baltimore over the happpnnd on s
Jan 28, 2013 4:00am EST
to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin this morning with the battle over immigration reform. overnight a bipartisan group of senators reached a deal on legislation, that, if enacted, would rewrite the immigration laws in this country. they plan to officially announce their agreement later today. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning. after a failure at immigration in 2010, washington is gearing up again, but there is evidence, including the growing hispanic vote that the political mood has changed here in washington, and many on both sides say now is the time for immigration reform. congress will again take up immigration reform. this time there's bipartisan support to get a deal done. >> i'm department, guardlely optimistic that this time we can get it done. >> the deal include tougher border enforcement to apiece republicans and a path way to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants now living in the united states. >> first of all americans support it in poll after poll. secondly latino voters expect it. third, the democrats want it, and fourth, repub
Jan 3, 2013 5:30am EST
by screeners at ffur guns found every ay...ann- and, it is up from he more than 13-hundred weapons ound international aiirort in atlanta led the nation with 80 guns foond thrrugh november of last year. folllwed by houston and denver. it is not cleer ii the increase s pecause more people are t-s-a screeners and new technolooies are doing a better joo finding them. the number f f-b-i background checks required for americans to purchhse a gun set a record in december. they cooductee thousand background checks for gun purrhases last month.forr &pthan 11-million checks... which also appears to be a typically the usiest month foo checks, because of chrrstmas gifts. . it follows the connecticut chool on possible gun connrol. presidenttobbma says he will push for new gun connrol legislation. 3 we have new information in a story you saw first on fox.a he was demoted for defending s pimself durrng a robbery.. is bbckkaa his oll job. this smmll piece f fiberglass jumped him during a delivery in anne arunddl county.pizzz huu has a no weappns policy so after the incideen swicegood was demoted
Jan 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
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Jan 4, 2013 5:30pm EST
connectiict. photo of team members talking with ids from newtown about life ann lacrosse. more than 100 newtoww youth players came out for the clinic. 3 &pafter the tragedy at sandy hook eeementary school... new efforts are underway to protect children across the country. in oklahoma shoootng simuultion. everything from sweeping classrooms to neutralizing a threat was being rehearsed. "ttat's whaa we try tooget out of this training, aalevel of realism and what decisionn they'll make if and when they get the all." call." henryetta 55-hundred....with only 12 police officers. the nearest back-up is hours away. so they ssy traiiing for sittations ike these are a must. since the tragic schooo shooting in newtown connecticut,,there are calls for stricter guns laws. but do hey work? ///crime and justice reporter joy lepola is here now with new information from the fbii... ...that might impact the debate much of thh focus of new calls for stricter gun control has focused on assault rifless like the ar-15 used by adam adults in ewtown connecticut. but statist
Jan 24, 2013 10:00pm EST
at 5 a-m anne arundel county executive having police offfccrs take him to a parking lott.. for its case against him...crime and justice joy lepola tells us about the arge amount of money some oo those officers were aid... paid......and where that money ccme from. from. ((pkg))) critics of anne arundellcountyyexecutiie john leopold did not holddback as &pthey left coort oday. enough about it it's just &pofficerr of this county have tt ndure such treatment :21 a reaction prompted by pestimony given bb a former meeber of leopold's sscuritt detail. the sergeant testifiid how he would ccaffeur leopold... around townnoo weekkeds... earning overtime in thh process.20:00 it's abbolutely unacceptable dutiessthat eveetually took a toll n the ergeantt.. and assignment. the state prosecutors office... estimates... ii 2011 more than 14-hundrrd hours of overtime was earnee by leoppld's detail. axpayers dollars it's alleged leepolddused for his &pown pprsonal gain. and that prosecuttrssargueemake leopold's actions illegal. 15:55 i don'' think we'd be here unless there as a very ptronn bel
Jan 27, 2013 10:00am EST
'ssin... 3 á((wipe vo)) the sag awards ake center stage tonighh. the nominees ann the favorites. 3 3 33ááaddib over weather shotáá 3 dateááadlib chat with 3 tonyáá 3 3 it was a deadly night of fires in baltimore. city fire rews - brrced the freezzng tempeeatures to fight three fires in one nighh...including oneethatt claim ed the life of a 100year 3& child. amber mmller joins us now live from the scene n the 66-hundred block of harttait street with the very latest. patest. 3& this house in he 6600 block - of artwair street in dundalk - was up in flames juss before 11 last night. in addition o the 0 year old who died as a result of the fire, four other children and two adults were inside as well. we spokk to a neighbor who says ciff lacey pives here--his wife pat passed away about to years go and had been raising his grand & daughter. just receetly his pon andddaughter in law moved in with their kidd. theresa sappe used to babysit some of cliff'' grand kids and reeains in shockk 3
Jan 28, 2013 10:00pm EST
defense rests... in the misconducttrial of anne arundel county execuuivejohn 3 ttlls us... a judgewill soon 3 actually broke the law... law... p3 john eopold leaves court... having testify. the county executivv...could have taken tteewwtness stand..- rested...their case...wiihout him.(hamner) "and bblieveeit was promised to the citizens of anne arundel county that he 3& story."carla hamner...once she'ss noo...filed aafederal hhrassmenttsuit gginst him. leepold...have signs...and drive him o a pot...for sexual encounteer...with a coonty employee.some ooficers...and staffers...say they were even forced....t empty leopold's could have hired someone you professional. he could have -3 taken time off."(hammer) "to to emptyyhis catheter baa..but leopood's attorney claim the rise... to the llvel of crimmnal acts.judge dennis & sseeney...ddsmissed one of -& thosechaages last week.but attorreysto have the remaining "tte actions that were taken pere completely rresponsible, immoral nd destructive to county resources."(ryyell)
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 2:00am PST
. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for watching fox and friends first. it is time now for the t5@5:00. >> american pastor was convicted simply for being christian. he has been sentenced to 8 years for tat the most brutal prison. >> usually when they go after somebody because they are christian or convert they don't say that. the state media today which was in the courtroom in this surprise trial where they announced his conviction and sentence in less than a week as you said they put in their own article. they say his crime and what he was convicted of was intentional attempt to undermine the national security of the iranian government by being involved in house churches from 2001 to 2005. >> the state department is now calling for his release saying we condemn iran's violation of universal right of freedom of religion we call on him to respect his rights and release him. >> another miracle on the hudson they managed to get out of the sinking plane. they were in the water for hours. >> we had a visual on them and we were trying to head them off. they were going southbound at a pr
Jan 24, 2013 5:30am EST
, anne arundel aadbaltimoreecounties have the authorityto raiseelocal property taxes...and use the -3 money exclusivell for mass transit.buu he also wants to 3 gasoline. -& 3 (miller) "everyone would pay a 33 percent salee taa tacked on at &pthe whollsale level anddthat woull raise $300 milllon and that couud be used for oads pnd bridges in the entirr state." the goovrnor onany proposals &pto raiss the gas tax or sales fundingg 3 this morning jury & continue for the third day in accused of illing north carolina teee phylicii barnes. barnes. prosecuttrs say johnson killed barnes in deccmber 010 whee the teen -3 was isiting her half siiter in bbltimore. johnson datedd phylicia's sister but was moving out when phylicia went - johnson's attorney said his ccient had an alibi at the time of the uuder but prosecutors claim johnson was -3 mmssing in thh hours áafterá barnes' disappearance... 3 (p-michael johnson bail review) sot i alked wiih my client.... he waa with his nee friend. ttattfriend will likely testify in the case. -3 3 defe
Jan 24, 2013 5:30am EST
this morning. as is anne arundel county and frederick county, carol county, two hour delays there as well. and a number of them coming up and we're going to have this coming up the just a moment. baltimore, anne arundel, howard, frederick, carol counties all on two hour delays this morning. baltimore county has no pre-k and anne arundel county has no half day programs. so again, be aware these are coming in by the minute for you here on this thursday. so we will likely have more as the show continues. so let's get right to weather now with meteorologist lynette charles and the latest on what's going on outside. >>> all right, charlie we're still talking about a winter weather advisory that's in effect until 9:00 this morning. and it's for all the areas here shaded in the blue color. now as we look at what's going on, on maryland's most powerful radar, well, we can see why we're dealing with some school delays this morning. we still do have some snow coming down across many areas this morning. so take it easy as you step out and about. we can go ahead and zoom in. you can see some snow aro
Comedy Central
Jan 29, 2013 11:00pm PST
-- there's not going be gap here. there's no ann taylor. you want an ann taylor, go some place else. [ laughter ] >> jon: excuse me, sir. freedom town sounds great. i like the principles of freedom and liberty, but where will i get my casual basics. gap and ann taylor not allowed in the market driven independent. no word on ann taylor lost. you can pick up mix and match pieces for the office. the price point, which i can assure is almost -- [ laughter ] the point is. i thought y'all hated central planning. remember? the right, freedom, the left central planning and tyranny. >> get your damn hands off my fries, lady. if i want to be a fatty, and shovel french fries all day long it's my choice. >> jon: yes! and while french fries have been legal, cheap and ubiquitous, point taken. tell buts buffet. >> we have a real problem with food. it needs to be local. >> jon: (bleep) that! get your damn hands off the french fries laidism unless, you know what i'm sorry. i guess you are trying to do what is good for everybody. i think you know who else wanted to do what was good for everybody. >>
Jan 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
area. that's just weeks after elementary school shootings in connecticut. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec finds out why gun shows are more popular now than ever. >> i'm not into gangster style. >> reporter: it's hunting that interests barbara thompson, who came to the cross roads of the west gun show at the cow palace for ammunition. >> i live on a ranch. i have critters that i have to protect. i have a family i have to protect. >> reporter: and she says ammo is hard to come by these days. several types sold out on day one of this show. >> drove all the way down here, stood in line for an hour. that's how bad it is. >> reporter: demand for all things gun related has hit unprecedented levels, since lawmakers started talking about harsher gun laws in the wake of several mass shootings, like the one at sandy hook elementary last month. >> i want to see -- get whatever i can before anything changes. >> we were expecting a large crowd, but we had no anticipation that we would have a crowd like this. >> reporter: they wouldn't let the media inside th
Jan 24, 2013 6:00am PST
satisfied how it resolved itself. now just think about that. somebody said -- so it's like i say to anne "anne nice shirt. nice jacket. >> but you hate it. >> and i hate it or maybe i don't. i'm giving a complement. the thing is facebook inc. doesn't know the context but now we have a system in place and i can resolve to anne and anne could say "i didn't mean to post that photo in an inappropriate way. i'm going to take it down" and we survey the people and everyone feels good about the situation and traditionally we thought it was a case of bullying and two people -- >> misunderstanding. >> there was a misunderstanding so i wanted to point that out and we have this new social resolution thing and a great way to solve problems at a scale of hundreds of millions of people and it's quite awesome to see that unfold, and the last thing i was going to point out in my version of sizzle reel everything we're trying do is create a culture where people speak up for each other and there's a story that i'm going to show you that i think sort of like epitomizes this how do you use social media an
Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
com slash fox- baltimorr anne arundee ccunty executive john leoppld has waived his right o aajury trial, meaning a judgeewill decide his guilt &por innocence. iinocence. the decision comes after one day of juuy selection in his misconduct trial. leopold is accused of misuing is olice prosecutors say he used county police officers as security while he hhd see with a county employye inside a car. leopold has maintained his innocence. opening stateeents p frightening... moments ...for a baltimore... county police... say... a prabbing tte childd..// as... he... &pwalk. school. pooicc... wood-moor... elleentary gwynn oak ... wwdnesday...// wwen... the... man ...grabbed his jaccet..../// he... student... broke free...// and... schhol...////. it's an incident that has students and parrnts morr vigilant toniiht. tonight. (mr. jones) "it make you want to almost meet them everyday, you know, at the walk them home. becauue, like i said, some nut out here, you know, doing stuff like that, it o
Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
- 3 ann even though new you can stiil trash talk those paariots ans. tweet yoor thoughtsson the game and se the haah tag "patriotssbeat doon". you can see hat other ravens fans are saaing... and what patriots fann are ssying in rettrn.. by going to foxbaltimore dot com. click on "rry'sslasttride". the city of baltimore is glowing in purplletonight!if you were driving in thh ciiy got aaspecial treat.three hotels produced a spectacular laser light show! this one was onnthe side off the haabor east showcased ray lewis' famous dance.the light showwwas such a hit last fridayy..they ade tonight.bigger and better --3 and we're following ray's last ride all thh way to the superdome in new orleans.see our stories on the ravens playoffs.... hear raw aad find other web links by .. - going to our website... foxbaltimore dot com. click on the "ray's last ride" banner on our homepage. state heallh officials say the eason'' firstt lu-related death of child has been confirmed n maryland. hey say a baltimore-area child who died inndecember tested positive for ii
Jan 21, 2013 11:00pm EST
the orion cruiie phip deccded o help... 3 coordinated the dangerous operation... knowing that at ann minute.... delord's life raff could be crushed by the &pcruise ship in the choppy water. 3 "iisaad, 'go. o. go. straight - to alain.' they did a &pof the raft very quickly." ///butt to//"...anndhe's on." &p"tte was incredible. it was goosebump material." material.. 3 delord was hungry and & dehhdrated but otherwise unhuut. & 3 aacoll night ut there... even some snow showers earrier ttis evening. evening. 3 chief mmteorologist vytas reii is here with a look at the forecast. 3 & 3 3 3 the victims all - 3 the victims all apparently & suffered multiple gunshot wounds." -3 wounds."a mmss murderrin new mexico... what police are & learninggfroo the teen accused of kklling hii entirr fammly. 3&pa man pullssa ggn on a ppople are trying to sort out fact from fiction ii thhs bizarre innident. 3 and a crash iivolving 86 cars the massive ppleup. 3 pplice in new mexicoosay a 15-- year old boy murdered his entire family.... and ttxxte a ph
Jan 22, 2013 5:30pm EST
. anyone with information on boston's whhreabouts should call anne arundel county policee pooice arrest man....who they say murdered his wife. &pthe suspectt.. darrrn ruffii... is accuseddof killinn melissa davis during an argument.police were called to an apartment on east north avenue friday night... where they found davis stabbed to &pdeath.court recordd show assaulting his wife the day before... and was released from jail just hours before a police officer assigned to protecting john leopolddsays he rove the county executive for sexual meetings with his t - mistress. as kathleen cairns reports...that wassjust oneeof the allegations that came out during leopold's misconduct trial in annapolis... . 3 (cairnss cpl. howard brrwn teetified for hours.,. he told the judge about his job workingg ecuuity detail for john llopold and said it innolved sex lies and politics. (church bells quick) there are plenty of people poing in and out of the courthouse.. snap hoto weeding quick)but anne arundel county executive john leopold is avoiding the media. hes on trial for misconduct. tuesday
Jan 28, 2013 5:30pm EST
.mmlinda roeder - fox the defense rests... in the misconducttrial of anne arundel county executivvjoon leopold. - 3 and as johnnrydell tells s... a jjddgwill soon decide 33 broke the law....john... 3 last week... a judge..."dismissed" pounn... f misconduct..."again st""//the county executive.but today...the judge... denied a motion...from leopold'ss havee..the &premaining... "four"counts... oot... 3 jjhn llopold llaves coort... & having testify. -3 thh county xecutivv...could have takkn the witnesssstand. but his attorneys...have rested...their case...withoot 3 pf anne arundellcoonty that he would tell hhs ide f the story."carla hamnee...onne workee...forleepold.but she's now...filed a federal harassment suit againntthim. & police officers assigned to testified...thee wwre told to put upphis campaign & signs...ann driveehim to a bbwling alley parking lot...for sexual - encounters....ith a county - emppoyee.ssme officers...and staffers...say thhy were evenn empty leopold's ...urinary cctheter bag. "hh could have hired
FOX News
Jan 5, 2013 10:00am PST
political analyst and mary anne marsh a democratic strategist, former advisor to john kerry. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> jamie: angela, now our taxes went up. anyone who opens up their paycheck knows for sure, what about spending, how critical is it at this juncture, still, that we get a hold of that? >> we have to, jamie. it's very critical at this time. listen, we can't tax our way to prosperity. so we can't spend our way to prosperity and we need to balance the budget and washington d.c. from tt left and the right, mary anne will agree with me, we have a spending problem here in washington d.c. and with the fiscal cliff, now averted, we need to stop playing politics and leaders need to lead this nation back into prosperity. we need to stop the political posturing, and i don't believe that we should have a government shutdown. but, jamie, if they don't come to some conclusion by marsh 4th at 11:59 p.m. we will have a government shutdown. >> jamie: mary anne, a lot of people would say here we go again, we're going down to the wire. why wasn't more of the spending issue hand
FOX News
Jan 19, 2013 7:00pm PST
and debate a recent statement suggesting that gun violence is more about race than it is about guns is ann coulter, the one and only. hi. >> hello. >> in chicago, a city plagued by violence, santita jackson joins us. how are you? >> why are you not in washington for the party. >> i'm on my way tomorrow. i'm with you and ann tonight. >> thanks for postponing your plans to be with me. am i color blind, james holmes, jared layof loughner, adam lanz, everyone with the exception of the asian guy in virginia tech and the black guy on the long island railroad, virtually every one of these mass shootings was a crazy white guy. >> and the arab at fort hood. those are the recent ones. that's true. that is not my leading point. that is a response to the argument that it's guns that are like crawling out of the drawers and killing people. it's a problem of human beings, and liberals are always citing like homicide rates in europe. there's a lost factors that go into homicides. one of the biggest ones is they're not being armed citizens there. the next big one is mental illness, and again, i blame you
Jan 29, 2013 10:00pm EST
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Jan 30, 2013 10:00pm EST
... for the person making hose aacusations. orleans...ann another aa of -3 rrayleeis...addressiig the biggest story out of this 3 sportss lluusrated reportee ttat lewis... wookeddwith n alabama modern edicine & company... swats...and used deer ntler exxraat... which pehab from hiss ctooer triccps injury..lewis brrshed off the story yesterday when ii - founder of swats spoke as welll.. saying he worked wiih lewis.the raaens urged lewiss to ive a stroogee deeial todda if aaked by the edia... -3 pnd he did. 3 "i hiik t's prooably one of the most embarrasssng thiins that we anndo on this tyye f &pstage. iithinn it takes totally away from - you give sommbbdy the ability to comm into ouu worldd our world is a vvry secret society, and we puch aa e can. but, whee you let cowarrs come in ann do things like that." 3 we hear from those responsible for im and john harbbugg to - meet in the super bwll..their &pparentsslattr in ports &punlimited. 3 we... all... know... ray lewis... s n intenne attlete../.who... loves to win & win...and he wen
Jan 27, 2013 4:30pm PST
up on some of the most anticipated dresses of the night. anne hathaway expected to walk away with an award tonight. what is she wearing? >> let me tell you, nobody knows who ann hae hathaway is wearing yet. in 2009 she looked like a grecian goodness in night. tonight she might be doing chanel but it's anybody's guess. the thing i love about ann is ann says she's the luckiest girl in the world because she gets to play dressup and she has the best time for awards season because it's a little girl's fantasy to wear the best of the best. >> i always wonder as well when these award shows such as the s.a.g. and globes are taking place, if they're giving any consideration to the fact they're sitting around having dinner. they actually have to take some thought into the fact they have to get up from their table, leave their vegan plate behind, and run up there on stage. >> a.j., it's all about that picture perfect moment. they think about what they're going to do, but if they look good, again, that picture is going to last a lifetime. >> you said you thought damian lewis from homelan
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Jan 14, 2013 2:00am PST
. thanks for watching.g.g.g.g.g. >> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. it is monday january 14th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> it is time for your 5@5:00. top five stories making news at this hour. a new york newspaper's controversial position to name the addresses and names of people with guns may be the reason for a robbery. no one was home at the time of the break in. one of the two suspects has been caught. the editors of the jourm news continue to defend the decision to publish the information. many say it would help criminals target certain homes. >>> the flu epidemic has people scrambling for vaccinations. doctors and pharmacies are running out of the flu vaccine for kids ages 6 months to four years says it is sold out. there's word of a shortage for the liquid form of tamiflu which is given to children who have the flu to slow or stop the sympto symptoms. the security details returned fire but the gunman sped off. the incident took place four months after the terror attack on the u.s. cobs lat nsulate be which left four peopl
Jan 25, 2013 4:00am PST
the democrats both control of the house and the senate because they supported it. so you can see, anne-marie, just how tough this battle is going to be. >> indeed. susan mcginnis in washington. thank you. >>> well, in senator feinstein's home state one los angeles area school district has decided to fight fire with fire. its armed police officers who guard schools with semiautomatic weapons. law enforcement officials there believe that is the only way to prevent a massacre. bill whitaker has our report. >> it's heartbreaking that we have to resort to this level of preparedness. >> reporter: the fontana school district chief of police is billy green. his 14 officers protect 42,000 students. last october green spent $14,000 to buy each officer a semiautomatic rifle. fontana is one of the first school districts to publicly acknowledge having such weapons on campus. by day they're locked in patrol cars or police lockers in school buildings. so these are military-style weapons. >> yes, sir, they're similar to the platform of what you would see on an ar-15 or m-16 all m
Jan 13, 2013 10:00pm PST
. when you can anticipate that still coming up later on in this newscast. ann. >> thank you. >>> backyard plants and ones that end up on your dinner plait are about to endure -- dinner plate are about to endure another night of freezing temperatures. people who run nurseries are also sweating out the cold weather. this landscape supply company owner said he was able to salvage some of his trees. >> we moved our citrus trees our young ones, under cover, the night before last. >> farmers and gardeners in southern california have a couple more days of freezing temperature it is cold snap there isn't expected to break until tuesday. >>> six more shootings in oakland. this afternoon a happen was shot and taken to hospital -- a man was shot and taken to hospital. the latest was tonight. five people were shot outside a house where a party was going on none of them suffered life threatening injuries. the latest shootings do not appear related to the violence that left four people dead in oakland on friday. some officials says the time to declare a state of emergency in this city. >> reporter: it
Jan 2, 2013 5:00am EST
't going to chhnge thee're going to change . because you're going to change behaviors." ann you need to have short term goals. "a year ii too long. set a goaa ffr a week, or two weeks at most. then see how yoo're doing.. and the best glue to help resolutionssstick may be resilience. "you have to back onnttack. the goal is ght progress toward your goal, not perfectton." ann try to make just one or two resolutions recipe forrfailure. for today's health minutee i'm susan hendricks. coming up... taking aim... at the n-c-double-a. n-c-double-a.thh lawsuit the state of pennsylvania wiil soonnbe facing... and what t has to do withhthe jerry &sandu. 3 bth - new year's resolutton recently, federal judge ordered tobacco comppnies to say in product wwrnings thee had previously deceived the public about the danggrs of tobacco.let's have washington don't recall president obama - or any one member of congress campaign on tth promise that or they'd give us trillion national debt bigger than the gdp. or middle class wealth would lummet. or they'd take extravaganntvacations while &pworking ame
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
was seeected... to determine if this was ann honest missake. joy lepola fox 455news at 5. 3&pit's... first day... of the legislativv sessioo.../ and... &p one issse... yeer... is fraccing.../ the... -3 practicc... of drilling... foo natural gas. gas. 3 advocatess... pushing... for... a... frackinn moratooium... p held a taste test... in annapolis... to highlight the risk... of... water pollution..../ lawmakers ... & chooe between ...polluted... well water... from... a pennsylvania or... clean house... drinking fouutain....///fracking... involves... driiling... one mile &&punderrrrund.../ and... injecttng chemicall... to... free up more gas.../ - which... - pritics say... can lead to... prounddater poolution.../ ann... other environmeetal harm. 3 "iq: we've seen parthquukks.... q: u.s. geelogiial surrey.
Jan 21, 2013 5:00am EST
. the presiient ann firrt lady could get out and walk sooewhere on pennnylvania avenenue.then it's time for tuxedos and gownn t the inaugural balls. you can see president obama's wwbsite.. todayywe will stream it beginning aa 11:30 aam.go to foxballimore dot coo. today w honor juuior. and to commemorate.... hundreds... including revereed jesse jackson attended a wreath when presiieet obama takes his public oath of office ater this morning....he will use a bible that belonged o doctor would avv been 84-years-old. - coming p on the early editton... all eyes... on the lady.and the whole worlldwas wa. watching.the inauguration dayy speculation... about what michelle obama will be wearing. 3 ((break 1)) there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the "keurig brewed" seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed -- look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate.
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.if you know who she is... call baatimore & city police. anne arundel county police are onnthe lookout for the uspect in another doubleessootinn.. phis one at a bar in odenton. pooice say raynard boston opened fire on a bouncer and a - bar patron at the ""y place" bar on annapolis road on saturday.bothhsurvived.anyone with information on booton's whereabouts shoold call anne arunnel county police. 3 four months after the deadll & attack, hillary clinton will pmuch of the blame for the ambushhonnthe u-s consulate is being blamee on her department. jillldougherty gives us a clossr lookk 3 more than four months after -3 ambassador chris stevens and beeghazi...hillary clinton - herself - must faceetheetough questions.what did the &psecretary oo state know before, during and fter because the american people were clearly deceived?aides sayy he's likely to repeat what sheetood cnn in october.i take responsibilityy i'm in charge of the state pepartment, 60,000 plusspeople 3& nine days after tte attack she was the first top official too 3 closed session since the
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